How To Build 6-Figure Online Business Using Your Knowledge Of Pharmacy Without Breaking Any Ethics, Or Having Any Technical Skills!"

 How To Make Impact, Improve Lives, and Make Extra Income Online 

What You'll Discover In This Letter...

The 3 Secrets For Turning Your Knowedge Into Profit 

Secret #1:

How to ETHICALLY turn your Knowledge into an online business even if you have no technical skills

Secret #2:

How to get the right people that will REALLY pay for your knowledge

Secret #3:

How to ACTUALLY package your knowledge into a product such that people will pay for it even if they've never heard of you before

My Dear Noble Colleague,

"Your Own Value Is Determined By What You Make Of Yourself"

- An Ancient Philosopher

SO, will it hurt if, as we diligently practice our profession, we are also able to earn extra income outside of our regular practice? This was the question that dominated my mind which led me to this new path.

Many people have their own different approaches to earning extra income but I have discovered a seamlessly working strategy which has impacted on my life and finances.

If we can just think outside the box we can make a fortune for ourselves by just using our knowledge of pharmacy.

I strongly believe that Pharmacists can do much more to impact the society in several ways and get better compensated for doing that.

And the only platform that gives all of us a level playing ground is the internet.

My goal ​In this letter is to share the strategies which you can use to convert your knowledge of pharmacy into an online business through which you can make impact, improve lives and make extra income in the process. The same strategies I used to build my own online business.

A Little About My Journey

​The journey to starting my online business was rough and long but I'll save you all the details.

​Just like what most people do when they want to earn extra income, I tried my hands on several options.

​Network marketing didn’t cut it for me. 

​I tried farming and had terrible result with my ginger farm. It was wrong timing.

​I invested in printing business and it didn’t also work out.

Even investing in shares didn't either​

​All these businesses are good but they didn’t work for me because they require a lot more than I can give. They are not ideal for side business which I wanted.

But I never stopped.

My search took me to the internet. And that was where I hit it.​

​When I discover online business I came into a new light in my life. It was the most rewarding I have had. Although I tried my hands on different online businesses,

The business of turning my knowledge into profit supersedes them all.

Here are a few reasons.​

It requires very minimal money to start

With just my knowledge, my phone, and the internet I am set to go

​I work once and profit continuously

I don’t keep any inventory

I don’t need an office or shop. I can work from anywhere

I can even make money while I sleep

I decide my price and all earnings are almost 100% profit​

I have access to audiences globally without leaving my home

As you can see this is the business that everybody should be doing

Well, that is my reality.

I earn by just sharing my knowledge.

It doesn't affect my practice. It doesn't involve long hours of work. It doesn't even entail much technical knowhow or some rocket science kind of strategies.

​I’ll be sharing more details about this business with you pretty soon.

But before that let me introduce myself.

My name is Gabriel Gambo Nmadu.

I am a practicing Pharmacist and a Business Coach. I am the founder of PharmacyMBA.com and PharmHerbs Store.

I developed and teach a blueprint for building a knowledge-based online business which has been instrumental to helping many people start their own businesses.

In 2018, I trained over 826 people in different aspects of their entrepreneurial journeys.

I am a Management Consultant, International Speaker and Published Author.

My mission is to help professionals discover the opportunity of turning their knowledge and expertise into income by building an online side business.

Now, let's talk about what the opportunity is about

They are summarized into 3 secrets.

Are you ready to learn about them?

Good. Here we go

Secret #1

How to ETHICALLY turn your Knowledge into an online business even if you have no technical skills

Many people have doubts on their abilities to convert their knowledge into money online. They think that they lack what it takes. The truth is that you don't really need much.

If you have any knowledge that you can share; a smartphone you can browse on; and have internet data on your device, you have all it takes to start your own online business

As a pharmacist you're already knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects. In your online business, your commodity is your knowledge which you'll be channeling to help solve the problems that your target audience has.

You are not selling any POMs. You are not advertising any drugs or even your practice. All you are doing is sharing your knowledge and helping your audience solve their problems. You'll agree with me that our ethics is not against doing that, don't you?

Furthermore, In this business you don't need to be tech savvy or need any complicated devices or equipment.

With your smartphone you can do a whole lot of stuffs online.

You don't need a website for a start!

Facebook is there for you

Instagram is there for you

Even WhatsApp is also there for you

Most of your audiences are on Facebook and WhatsApp as such you can easily reach them where they are.

I do almost everything about my business on Facebook and WhatsApp. They have never failed me and will never fail me.

The secret is this

All you need to start you own online business, is to choose a part of your vast knowledge and use it to solve your audience's problem, and via your smartphone and the internet subscription that you have on it you'll deliver your message.

I believe that you can see that you have all it takes, isn't it?

Now that you know what it takes to set up your online business, the next thing thing will be how to find your audience.

Secret #2

How to get the right people that will REALLY pay for your knowledge

When it comes to making money from our knowledge, the first issue that many people have is to question whether it is possible to find people that'll actually pay for their knowledge.

There are tons of people seeking for your help if only you could just stand before them and stretch forth your hand to help

As a pharmacist you are already using your knowledge to help your patients in your practice. Where the gap comes is when you have to take it online.

How do you talk to strangers whom you have no direct contact with such that they will listen to you, then eventually get them to pay for your knowledge? 

When I started out I was at a total loss as to what to do, just like you.

But today, it is easy for me to find people who have a need, get them to listen to me and then get them to take action on the solution I provide. There is a method to doing it.

This system is quite easy to understand and execute.

It tells you where to look and what to look out for.

It shows you how to gather them on a single platform. Of course, you have to do some work but they are tasks you can  complete in less than an hour. Those who know me know that I don't like complexities. I always take the easy route and it works for me.

They are quite simple steps to follow.

If you are concerned about getting the right audience for your message, I have done the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is just follow the steps.

The secret is this

There is a simple step by step guide to find the most appropriate audience for your message. The process gives the right result each time it was put to use and helps you to avoid days of random search.

Once you have your audiences in one place you can begin to nurture them by sharing your knowledge. This is actually the crux of your business. This is the step to getting paid for your knowledge.

This leads us into the last secret about this business.​

Secret #3

How to ACTUALLY package your knowledge into a product such that people will pay for it even if they've never heard of you before

So if you are wondering whether people will send you money in exchange for the what you have in your head or afraid whether they will think that you are a scam, I'll share this last secret with you.

Once you are able to build relationship with your audience and find ways to meet their needs they will always be ready to thank you with their money

But you can't just gather people and ask them to give you money. They won't.

Money is always given in exchange for value. You provide value and you receive value in return.

So how do you create and deliver value to your audience?

The answer to this question is the conduit that connects your pocket to those of your audience.

Getting this done requires an understanding of the needs of our audience.

A simple Ask Challenge will help you out. This is a two step system to unveiling the need of the market. All you'll do is to ask relevant questions.

Once you have discovered what their needs are your job is half done. Just go seek for the solutions.

Many times these solutions are what you already know. 

Once you have the right solution for them, you package and offer it to them at a price.

Boom. You are on your way to making money.

Is it that simple?

Yes, it is. Just follow the strategy.

It works.

Interestingly, this solution doesn't have to be something complex. It just have to be something that ease their pain or fill the gap in their lives.

Here is the secret.

When you offer the appropriate solution to the problem your audience have, they will gladly give their money to you in exchange for it. They will pay for it.

Now put yourself in the shoes of your target audience for once.

Let's say you have a problem that is bothering you so much and giving you sleepless nights. Then someone comes along and gives you the exact solution to that problem you have. Will you pay for it?



So also your target audience will.

So, Let's Put Everything Together

​Now that we have dealt with the major concerns that many people have as regards profiting from their knowledge, it is time to conclude on this letter.

Being the first time you are getting to know about these they might sound overwhelming but they are not.

They are actually simple processes.

Those are the same secrets I applied in my business over the past few years.

Since they worked for me, they will SURELY work for you.

Let Me Ask You A Question

I want to help you go through the steps

I want to guide you

I want to hold you by the hand all the way

I want to show you how it all works

I want you to get results like I do.

Are you ready to allow me to help you?


Then guess what I have for you.

The same system which I used to start my own knowledge-based online, which I also shared with my students to start their own business, is now available for you...


Knowledge Profit Blueprint

The Definitive Guide For Creating Online Income for Pharmacists

This course details all that you need to know to start and run your own profitable online business and start making money from it.

  1. In-depth Teaching: Step-by-step lecture on Getting the right audience, Uncovering their needs and Creating the appropriate solution that meets their need
  2. Personalised Strategy Session: One-on-one strategy sessions to domesticate the lessons in the course to ensure the achievement of your business goals
  3. Follow-Up and Support: Ongoing follow up and mentoring to help overcome any obstacles and challenges during the implementation of the course lessons.

This is the recipe you need to set you you own online business based on your knowledge


That's Not All

You will also get the following in addition:

Social Media Marketing Package

This is a 3-in-1 social media package. Each item in the package focuses on one of the dominant social media platforms where you can choose to run your online business and build you audiences on it.

1. Facebook Marketing For Beginners

This is the foundation to building influence and making money in the biggest social media platform in the world. Whatever your business is, your customers are on Facebook. This course will hep you navigate and set up a profitable Facebook system. It is a complete guide that every beginner must have. 

2. WhatsApp Domination Formula

WhatsApp is the global leader in messenger platforms. Almost all your target customers are on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the most used messaging app for business owner. This guide will help you understand how to use WhatsApp for your knowledge based online business. You'll be amaze at what you can use your WhatsApp to achieve. I mentioned earlier that I use WhatsApp in my online business and I will be sharing all my strategies with you.

3. ​Instagram Marketing Course -

This is a visual based social media and is the fastest growing globally. There is a strategy for building a profitable Instagram account. This guide will help you achieve this. The guide simplified all the processes even a 12 year old can do it.

Copy Writing Package

There is a way to write or talk to your audience that will get them to flow with you and also take action on what you want them to do. The skill for writing in such a convincing way is called Copy Writing. Every influencer need to have this skill.​

By starting your knowledge-based online business, you have become an influencer. Your words hold water and your followers look up to you for direction. You, in turn, want to motivate them to take action that will make their lives better. Copy Writing skill is what you need to achieve this.

I will be giving this package which outlines how to acquire this skill and how to use it positively to achieve your own goals as well as get your audience to take the steps that will change their lives for the better.

Strategic List Building Blueprint

In this business, you need to build a list of your target. By list I mean that you need to have the contact details of your target audience. This is your major asset in this business. 

There is a strategy for getting people​ to give you their contact details. Of course, you are collecting it so that you be in constant touch with them. You have to nurture your relationship with your audience so that they get to know you better then like you and subsequently trust you.

This blueprint will break the process down to it bare skeleton so that you can understand it and be able to implement it.​

Product Creation Formula

In secret #3, I discussed that when you uncover the problems that your target audience have, your duty is to look for the solution to those problems and then offer the solution to them as a product.

This is the formula for creating those products that you will give to your audience in which you share the solution to their problems. The Product Creation Formula will​ show you 21 different ways to easily create your product in as quickly as 2 short days.

It is quite simple to implement and you will be surprised at how easy it is to create your products and start selling.

Aren't these awesome?

So let's recap what you are going to get in this package

Your are going to get

  •  Knowledge Profit Blueprint
  •  Facebook Marketing For Beginners
  •  WhatsApp Domination Blueprint
  •  Instagram Marketing Course
  •  Copy Writing Package
  •  Strategic List Building Blueprint
  •  Product Creation Formula
  • Personalised Strategy Session
  • Private Facebook Group for Support and Follow Up

(Total Value - 230,000 Naira)

If these are to be sold individually, they will cost a fortune to acquire but that is not even the big deal.

The big deal is this

The benefits you'll get from your own online business

  • The freedom to do whatever you like to do​ at your time and pace
  • A platform to impact the humanity the world over with your knowledge and expertise which were previously limited to people you meet in your practice
  • An avenue to influence people to take the step that will change their lives for better
  • An opportunity to make extra income without all the stress and hard labour
  • The platform to express yourself to the world for what you are really in the world to achieve

If all these are what this package does for you

Will it be worth t for you?

I guess that deep in your mind ​these are some of the aspirations that you have always yearned for. Then this package is out to help you achieve them and much more

If you are wondering if this will work for you, here are a few testimonials from some of my past students

What Some Past Students Got to Say

Now That You Have Seen And Heard It All

How Much Would You Pay To Have Your Own Online Business That Generates 6-Figure Monthly Income For You?

What is the ton of value REALLY worth to you?

​If I asked you to pay a paltry 230K (full value) to get this, it will still be an undercharge because you can make a lot more than that in a single month.

What about a 100K?

But I won't ask you that. In fact, I won't even ask you anything close to that​

Now, this is what I will do.

I will put this whole package in your hand

  •  Knwoledge Profit Blueprint
  •  Facebook Marketing For Beginners
  •  WhatsApp Domination Blueprint
  •  Instagram Marketing Course
  •  Copy Writing Package
  •  Strategic List Building Blueprint
  •  Product Creation Formula
  • Personalised Strategy Session
  • Private Facebook Group for Support and Follow Up

Valued at 230,000 Naira

Instead of asking for the full value, you pay just 24,997 naira only

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Let me make this deal sweeter and easier for you

I want to give you My 100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If at the end of the course you are not satisfied with the value you get from the course over the next 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

As A Man Of Honour I stand by my words

Does this increase your confidence?


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A total value of 230,000 naira

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You are going to get all you need to build your own profitable online business

Right Now You Have Two Choices...

Option 1: You Don't Do Anything

You can say

​"Gabriel, that was awesome. The offer is great.

I know that I need to build my own online side business

and I agree that you have the formula

but I just want to sit here and watch."

You can do that if you want to

But the truth is this

If you do nothing, you get nothing.

You'll lose out in getting an opportunity to start your own profitable online business

And within the next 1 week or so, you may spend over 25K in other expenses that may not translate to extra income. That same 25k would have given you a pathway to a 6-Figure income generating business.

Option 2: Just Give It A shot!

It's just 25K only. You can just take the bold step and make the investment.

You have everything to gain and you can multiply your 25K investment over and over as you begin to run your own online business.

Secondly, you are doing this RISK-FREE.

If you are, in anyway, not satisfied, you request for a refund and pronto you get your money back​. Nothing can be wiser than that. You are covered with our guarantee as stated above.

​The question is what can a monthly 6-figure income do in your life and business?

A lot, right?

Then take the right step and get this package 

Here's Everything You'll Get

  •  Knwoledge Profit Blueprint
  •  Facebook Marketing For Beginners
  •  WhatsApp Domination Blueprint
  •  Instagram Marketing Course
  •  Copy Writing Package
  •  Strategic List Building Blueprint
  •  Product Creation Formula
  • Personalised Strategy Session
  • Private Facebook Group for Support and Follow Up

You'll Get ALL For Just 24,997 Naira Only.


If you sign on this November, you get a discount

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Getting this package will help you achieve a quantum leap in starting your own online business and get into profitability quickly. I will be guiding you all the way so that you get maximum benefits.

I am looking forward to working with you and achieve these great results together.

To you success,

Gabriel Gambo Nmadu

The Business Mentor