Success does not just happen, you make it happen. It starts from the inside and you make it reality on the outside.

However, there are skills that you must possess if you want to succeed. Go through the following list and check out those you possess and those you do not. Sharpen the ones you have and get better at them. For the ones lacking in you, you must develop them and begin to practice them in your life.

  • Ability to persevere in spite of all difficulty- more emotional than physical
  • Understand the importance of core competencies-stay the course
  • Sense trends-business acumen of when to stay in and when to get out
  • Awareness of strength/weakness and available resources
  • Recognizing trends and deciding which ones to become involved in
  • Stay current on topics, read, watch the news follow politics
  • Talk to people about what they are seeing-become a human reporter
  • Become skilled at the art of communication
  • Learn about human behavior
  • Take a psychology course
  • Read sales books and attend seminars
  • Capitalize on strategic partnerships
  • Build a team of people around you- supporting marketing/finance and operations
  • Learn how to be a deal maker
  • Learn to have a clear and defined presence- build excitement
  • Become your biggest fan
  • Understand those who offer best intention advice
  • Recognize when people are coming from their own fears
  • Make a conscious decision to differentiate between advice and instruction-get 3 quotes
  • Know how to interact in the world- overcome age, gender biases-create your own reality-

People define you by how you define yourself—chose how you will present yourself to the world.

Credit goes to Lori Williams of for this list

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