Pharmacy Business Is Not Only About The Money, It Is About Service

I was reading a fellow pharmacist’s blog. He narrated how he had a conversation with an executive from one of the divisions of the company he works with. It was the flu frenzy season when patients rush to get the flu shot against outbreak of flu. The executive made a comment that astonished him and […]

The Pharmacist’s Role on the Patient Care Team

Pharmacists are active members of the patient care team, responsible for overseeing the optimal, safe and cost effective medication therapy management using evidenced-based medicine to improve overall patient care in all patients:     Each inpatient unit has a pharmacist dedicated to performing patient care activities each day     Pharmacists participate and maintain a significant role […]

Pharmaceutical Care in Community Practice: A Few Tips

What is Pharmaceutical Care? Pharmaceutical care, or a more intensive patient follow-up by the pharmacist, can be described as guaranteeing that the patient uses his medication as correctly, efficiently and safely as possible. The pharmacist, trained as an expert in medicines, is the last health care provider to be in contact with the patient during […]

7 Strong Reasons Why You Should Start Your Pharmacy Business Today

Have you ever been contemplating whether you should start your pharmacy business now or wait for a while? You are not sure if the time is right or if you are prepared enough to take the first step. If you have been hesitating about starting your pharmacy business, then you will find great insight in […]

5 Years Post Qualification Required To Start Community Practice, Whose Interest Is Being Protected?

Recently I read about a new rule in Nigeria which requires a pharmacist to have spent at least 5 years post graduation before he can be allowed to start a community pharmacy practice. This rule is among several other rules rolled out by the council with the intention of sanitizing the pharmacy practice and drug […]

Responsibilities And Duties Of The Pharmacist In Community Practice

Pharmacists perform a lot of different functions in relation to pharmaceutical services and patient care. However, not all pharmacists perform the same function. This is because depending on the area of practice and position in the organization some functions may not be necessary. There some functions that a hospital pharmacist performs which are not necessary […]

How To Succeed In Your Pharmacy Practice: Take It As A Business

Pharmacy profession is a noble professional. We are all trained to provide altruistic service to our clients and this has led us into different fields of practice. Apart from hospital practice, the other area of practice where the pharmacists come in contact with patients/clients is community practice. And I know that pharmacists are doing a […]

Street Smartness Vs Professional Knowledge: How Drug Traders Beat Pharmacists Hands Down In Business

I have had to interact with both pharmacist and non-pharmacist run pharmacies. During these interactions I discovered that the traders who got into drug business have a better business sense than some pharmacists who trained for 5 years plus to become professional and are running their own pharmacy business. Although pharmacists are trained to be […]