What Is In A Name? How To Choose An Impactful Name For Your Pharmacy

Naming your pharmacy business is an important business decision to take. Some people may ask, “what is in a name? Does the colour black change because it is called a different name?” well, the colour doesn’t change but in business and in many important issues of life, a name makes a lot of difference. A […]

Checklist For Success: If You Don’t Have These Skills Your Will Not Succeed. Period!

Success does not just happen, you make it happen. It starts from the inside and you make it reality on the outside. However, there are skills that you must possess if you want to succeed. Go through the following list and check out those you possess and those you do not. Sharpen the ones you […]

7 Things You Must Know Before You Venture Into Pharmacy Business

Starting a pharmacy business is the dream of a lot of pharmacists. However, a lot of pharmacists do not know what is involved in venturing into a pharmacy business. We are always afar and assuming what it entails. This post will help you understand important things you should know before you venture into pharmacy business […]

What Are Your Intentions For Your Pharmacy Business?

Many pharmacists set up their businesses for some particular reasons. There are certain intentions in their hearts for what they want to achieve. These intentions usually form the measurement yardstick for their business in the future. When in five or ten years’ time, you sit to look at your business, what level of accomplishment would […]