You Have Opened Your New Pharmacy, What Next? Marketing Ideas For A New Pharmacy

You have mobilized fund for your pharmacy. You have secured a very good and suitable location. Your premise has been inspected and approval given to open shop. You have set up the shelves and counters and fully stock your new pharmacy. You have employed your staff and they have resumed work. Now your business has […]

How To Succeed In Your Pharmacy Practice: Take It As A Business

Pharmacy profession is a noble professional. We are all trained to provide altruistic service to our clients and this has led us into different fields of practice. Apart from hospital practice, the other area of practice where the pharmacists come in contact with patients/clients is community practice. And I know that pharmacists are doing a […]

Checklist For Success: If You Don’t Have These Skills Your Will Not Succeed. Period!

Success does not just happen, you make it happen. It starts from the inside and you make it reality on the outside. However, there are skills that you must possess if you want to succeed. Go through the following list and check out those you possess and those you do not. Sharpen the ones you […]

Street Smartness Vs Professional Knowledge: How Drug Traders Beat Pharmacists Hands Down In Business

I have had to interact with both pharmacist and non-pharmacist run pharmacies. During these interactions I discovered that the traders who got into drug business have a better business sense than some pharmacists who trained for 5 years plus to become professional and are running their own pharmacy business. Although pharmacists are trained to be […]

What Are Your Intentions For Your Pharmacy Business?

Many pharmacists set up their businesses for some particular reasons. There are certain intentions in their hearts for what they want to achieve. These intentions usually form the measurement yardstick for their business in the future. When in five or ten years’ time, you sit to look at your business, what level of accomplishment would […]