Pharmacies Are Not Allowed To Advertise; And So what? How To Brand Yourself As The Health Expert And Draw Customers To Your Pharmacy

In some countries like Nigeria, pharmacies are not allowed to advertise their services. To a lot of pharmacy businesses this has become a handicap. They are at a lot on how to promote their business to draw more customers into their business. There are several different ways to go around this restriction to market your […]

Differentiate Your Business: 5 Ways To Make Your Pharmacy Look Professional

I have been in some pharmacies and I began to wonder if what kinds of business run in those places. Many of them are so shabby and so disorganized that it will be difficult to take the business seriously. And to think that they are pharmacies, you will want to ask if they are competent […]

10 Marketing Strategies To Differentiate Your Pharmacy Business For Increasing Patronage And Profit

Marketing is the key to the success of any business. It is the heart of every business and what can make the difference between success and failure. It is a known fact that good marketing can make a bad product succeed while a good product will never succeed if the marketing is bad. In your […]

Online Marketing Strategy For Your Pharmacy Business, Is It Really Necessary?

Most pharmacy business owners are so overwhelm with running their business and bringing up other marketing avenues becomes difficult or a distraction. As a pharmacy owner, you should consistently be adding more ways to your marketing mix in order to grow your business and serve your customers better. Of all these marketing strategies, is getting […]

You Have Opened Your New Pharmacy, What Next? Marketing Ideas For A New Pharmacy

You have mobilized fund for your pharmacy. You have secured a very good and suitable location. Your premise has been inspected and approval given to open shop. You have set up the shelves and counters and fully stock your new pharmacy. You have employed your staff and they have resumed work. Now your business has […]