Human Resource Considerations in Community Pharmacy by Oluwole Williams

Today, the focus of pharmacy practice has shifted from direct personal preparation of medicinal compounds to clinical services such as interpretation of laboratory results or administration of vaccines. Pharmacists also have to deal with many personnel management functions. Emerging societal health issues, such as obesity, teen pregnancy, and abuse of narcotics have added to their […]

What To Do When Your New Employee Resumes Work: Tips On Staff Orientation

After you have done an interview for candidates for job openings in your pharmacy business and made your hiring decision, the next thing is that the successful candidate resumes work. This new employee is going to work for you and his contribution can make or mar your business and this will depend on how you […]

More Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy, Loyal To Your Business And Multiply Their Productivity 2

We shared 5 ways out of 11 to make your employees happy and get them to be more productive in your business for greater growth and more profit. Below are 6 more ways to make your employees happy to boost your business by Praise the staff who are doing well: Many business owners or managers […]

11 Proven Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy, Loyal To Your Business And Multiply Their Productivity

A happy employee is an asset to your pharmacy business. When your staff is happy he will give you his best and this will reflect on his productivity and your revenue. A happy employee will go the extra mile to serve you. When employees are not happy it will show in how they treat your […]

Never Make hiring Mistakes Again: 6 Tips to Help You Make The Right Choices

When you interview a potential employee, there qualities you look out for so that you can make the right choices. However, it is possible to make mistakes during the process. In this article I will share with your five tips on how to avoid making mistakes when hiring a new staff. 1. You already have […]

10 Qualities Of Awesome Employees Which You Must Consider When Hiring Any Staff

It is every business owners desire to have awesome employees that will help their businesses grow and make good profit. In your pharmacy business, if you have good employees you can be confident of great service to your customers. There are qualities that awesome employees share in common and you must look out for these […]

Are You A Boss or A Leader in Your Business? 8 Ways To Become The Leader Your Employees Love and Respect

As a pharmacy business owner, you have employees working for you. It is your duty to ensure that they contribute their best to your business for growth and profit. Where many people make the mistake is that they want to be the boss in their businesses. As bosses they exercise too much power and authority […]