Why Your Pharmacy Business Needs A SWOT Analysis

One of the sections in a business plan is to complete a SWOT analysis for your pharmacy business. A SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method that you can use to evaluate your small businesses Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This is a necessary task for every business owner. Despite the workload that every business […]

More Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy, Loyal To Your Business And Multiply Their Productivity 2

We shared 5 ways out of 11 to make your employees happy and get them to be more productive in your business for greater growth and more profit. Below are 6 more ways to make your employees happy to boost your business by Praise the staff who are doing well: Many business owners or managers […]

11 Proven Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy, Loyal To Your Business And Multiply Their Productivity

A happy employee is an asset to your pharmacy business. When your staff is happy he will give you his best and this will reflect on his productivity and your revenue. A happy employee will go the extra mile to serve you. When employees are not happy it will show in how they treat your […]

Never Make hiring Mistakes Again: 6 Tips to Help You Make The Right Choices

When you interview a potential employee, there qualities you look out for so that you can make the right choices. However, it is possible to make mistakes during the process. In this article I will share with your five tips on how to avoid making mistakes when hiring a new staff. 1. You already have […]

Pharmacies Are Not Allowed To Advertise; And So what? How To Brand Yourself As The Health Expert And Draw Customers To Your Pharmacy

In some countries like Nigeria, pharmacies are not allowed to advertise their services. To a lot of pharmacy businesses this has become a handicap. They are at a lot on how to promote their business to draw more customers into their business. There are several different ways to go around this restriction to market your […]

Differentiate Your Business: 5 Ways To Make Your Pharmacy Look Professional

I have been in some pharmacies and I began to wonder if what kinds of business run in those places. Many of them are so shabby and so disorganized that it will be difficult to take the business seriously. And to think that they are pharmacies, you will want to ask if they are competent […]

What Keeps Your Customers Loyal To Your Pharmacy: Your Price Or Your Value-Added Services?

Over the course of your pharmacy business you will develop many repeat customers. These customers may be loyal to your business for different reasons. It is important that you know what the reasons for their loyalty are. When you know these reasons you will be better able to create a winning strategy for your business. […]

How To Determine Your Salary As A Pharmacy Business Owner

As a pharmacy owner you will need to take care of yourself and in most instances the pharmacy business is your source of income. In the article, Your Business Is Not Your ATM: 6 Ways To Separate Your Personal And Business Finances, I emphasized that all pharmacy owners should place themselves on salary in order […]