BOOM: Opening Up Opportunity For 15 Pharmacists To Set Up Their Online Businesses

Here We Go!

Give Me 14 Days And I Will Take You From Ground Zero To Build A Formidable Money Making Online Business. Guaranteed!

Monetize Pharmacy Summit is over. You have been so pumped up.

Now is the time to make those lessons learnt a reality and start your own online business.

Starting a business can sometimes be daunting especially when you have to do it all alone and in a new area where you don't have any experience. I have gone through that stress before that is why I know how difficult it can be.

Launching a business doesn't come with an instructional manual - but we are changing that and creating one

What if there is someone who has been there and done it many times over leading the way for you?

What if this person, who has also helped many other people start their own businesses, take you by the hand and tell exactly what to do at each stage of the way, step by step, every single day for 14 days?

Will that be helpful?

Now is the perfect time for you to be working ON your business and embracing new challenges to help you survive and thrive in these difficult times.

And you can get this done through your own online business


​14-Day Start Your Online Business Challenge

A Daily Step-By-Step Plan For Building Your Dream Business

In 14 days from now you will have a fully operational online business ready to start making an impact, while living life on your own terms!

Would you like to be a part of this journey?

Each day has its task and my job is to simplify the process of building your own online business.

Day 1 - Uncover your superpower

Day 2 - Practical - Narrowing down to your specific area of focus

Day 3 - Identify your target audience and ideal customer

Day 4 - Practical - Defining your ideal customer avatar

Day 5 - Build your community

Day 6 - Practical - Setting up your social media platforms

Day 7 - Populate your platform

Day 8 - Practical - Setting up and running your first free traffic generation ads

Day 9 - Develop your KLT factors

Day 10 - Practical - Creating your content strategy and sharing your first authority spinner

Day 11 - Build your value arsenal

Day 12 - Practical - Researching and creating your product outline

Day 13 - Release your money magnet

Day 14 - Practical - Creating your sales letters and marketing sequence


Day 15 - Building a 30-day money making strategy

This will be followed by 30 days of growth support.

What Benefits Do You Get By Joining Tthis 14-Day Challenge?

At the end of the Challenge, You would have

  • Understood and identified the different abilities within you that you can turn into online business
  • A vivid picture of the customers that you want to serve with the abilities that you have identified
  • Created a community of people who are interested in your message and ready to pay you for what you have to offer them
  • Developed a content strategy that will make you create a relationship that will make your target audience trust you even if they just met you a day before
  • Created your product strategy through which you can turn your idea into sellable offers to make money for yourself
  • Developed a skill for speaking to your target audience and convincing them to give you money in exchange for what you have to offer them
  • Acquired a skill to turn any idea or concept into a profitable business


At the end of the challenge, you would have built an online business which have the capacity to make you 5 to 6-figure income every single month



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