Marketing is the key to the success of any business. It is the heart of every business and what can make the difference between success and failure. It is a known fact that good marketing can make a bad product succeed while a good product will never succeed if the marketing is bad. In your pharmacy business, you must always be at the top of your marketing effort.

Marketing is the only cost in your business that brings in money into your business. It therefore means that whatever money you spend in your marketing effort is not wasted. However, your marketing must be the right kind of marketing otherwise it will become a waste effort.

Your marketing effort should differentiate your pharmacy business from others in the industry. It should bring out the uniqueness of your business. With your marketing you will establish your business in the mind of your customers and get them to think of your business whenever they have a need in your marketplace. In order to succeed in the marketplace, you must create strong and well thought out marketing campaigns.

Here are some ways that you can differentiate your pharmacy and make a stronger USP:

Build Relationship With Your Customers: When you treat your customers in such a way that they feel special you are sure to get them to patronize more and spread word about your business. You can achieve this when you build good relationship with your customers. Your relationship with them must go beyond transactions, try to know them as individuals and treat them as such. You should keep in touch with them and ask after their families, work, business and their health.

Collect Customer Data: Most businesses do not collect data about their customers. In order to build effective relationship with your customers you will need to collect some data about them. Such data include their telephone numbers, addresses, birthdays, birthday of family members and any useful information. To easily achieve this you can create a health club and enroll them in it. You can use this database for your marketing drive.

Celebrate With Your Customers: If you were able to collect necessary data of your customers you can easy follow up on them by celebrating their joyful days. You can send text messages to them on their birthday or that of their family members, on special events like national day, Christmas, Sallah and wedding anniversary. This effort will make them see you as a business that cares.

Get Feedback From Your Customers: Ask your customers for feedback on your services and your business. When you do this they will feel important because they feel you have given a place in the decision making in your business. Also ask their suggestions on what they feel you need to change or improve upon. Tis feedback is very important to keep your business going. Your business exists because of your customers you are better off giving them what they want.

Train Your Staff Well: Your employees are the first contact between your business and your customers. You must train them well to attend to your customers courteously. Your employees should be knowledgeable and capable of informing and educating patients on various chronic diseases. They should be able to give them basic advice on general healthcare.

Share Your Expertise: Organize trainings and seminar for people in your community on chronic diseases and general healthcare principles. Let them know how much you know and they will trust you to deliver the best healthcare they need. Once you are able to gather them to your seminar or training, you will funnel them into your business and use follow up strategy to bring them to your business over and over.

Create Medical Educational Materials: You are the expert on healthcare; you should solidify this position by publishing educational materials on different disease conditions and healthcare generally. You can make special offers on the materials which will make them come to your business to partake in the offers.

Start A loyalty Club: Establish and enroll your customers in your pharmacy loyalty club. Attach several irresistible benefits to the club membership. Along with the benefits you can also include referrer compensation to the members.

Build Relationship With Local Healthcare Providers:  Locate healthcare providers and community organizations in your area and make contact with them. Take proactive steps to build and strengthen relationships with them. Create a partnership programme with them can be mutually beneficial and you will see how they will refer customers to your business.

Address Professional and Social Bodies: Locate professional organizations as well as social group within your community. Offer to give health talk in one of their meetings or events. By this effort your further establishing your expertise and building relationship with them. Your business will be viewed as friendly and a partner and you will get their patronage as a result.

These are just a few of the ways to differentiate your pharmacy. We have more. You need to use as many as possible from those discussed above to get the customers coming into your business.


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