Many pharmacists set up their businesses for some particular reasons. There are certain intentions in their hearts for what they want to achieve. These intentions usually form the measurement yardstick for their business in the future. When in five or ten years’ time, you sit to look at your business, what level of accomplishment would you say you have?

The reasons or intention may vary but you must write them down from the very beginning. This will form part of your vision statement as well as your mission statement. These are the things you set out to achieve in the first place.

Many people set up their businesses because they don’t want to be work for somebody else; they want to be their own boss. Others will set up businesses to serve the community. Some just want a means of survival as such they set up a business. Some are looking for a vehicle for wealth creation and therefore go ahead to start a business. Different people have different reasons. Whatever your intentions are they are very important to you. Therefore you must run your business in order to accomplish these intentions.

However, sometimes some pharmacy business owners begin to compare their businesses to those of their colleagues and the start to feel bad because they are not in the same level of accomplishment. This negates the initial intentions of setting up their businesses in the first place. The vision for your business should go beyond comparing yourself to your competition, comparing yourself will often limit your vision.

Someone made this statement that “comparison is the thief of happiness”. You have your intentions for setting up your own pharmacy business; you should not use another person’s intentions to judge yours. When you want to analyze your business, do that relative to your intentions of setting it up in the first place. This way you are better able to say if you have achieve your goals or not.

Set your standards from the very beginning and stand by it. If you have a change of intentions you should adjust your earlier write up to reflect these new intentions. Then use this as a yardstick for judging your performance in the future.


What are your intentions for setting up your pharmacy business?

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