We shared 5 ways out of 11 to make your employees happy and get them to be more productive in your business for greater growth and more profit. Below are 6 more ways to make your employees happy to boost your business by

  1. Praise the staff who are doing well: Many business owners or managers only reprimand their staff when they do wrong; they hardly praise them when they do something good. If you want to create a happy and productive workplace you need to praise your staff for doing well. To make it more effective, you should praise them publicly.  Hearing they are doing good work will motivate your best employees and keep them happy. You need to value your employees and, importantly, let them know they’re valued.
  2. Promote work and life balance: Your employees will be happier when they know that you understand their responsibilities and lives outside of work. You need to look after your people in good times and bad. Help them to have fun at work. An employee that is having fun is a happy employee. You should know much about their families and their life’s aspiration. Empathize with them when they have challenges and difficulties. You can even go the extra mile by rendering whatever help you can.
  3. Promote professional development: Many employers are only concerned about what the employee is contributing to his business. They never care whether their staff has any aspirations or goals. When you are sincerely interested in the progress and development of your staff you can get them to be more loyal to your business and be happier. Provide an opportunity for your employees to develop themselves and also create opportunities for growth within your business. Employees who see opportunities for growth within a company are more likely to be happy and stay where they are. You can send your pharmacist to trainings and conferences and the other employees can be encouraged to get higher certificates.
  4. Gift Your Staff Periodically: Develop a gifting system for your staffers. This can be periodically. When your staff does any outstanding feat you should reward him. This will promote more of the outstanding feats. Give them gifts on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, their religious festivals and any special days in their lives. You can even give unexpected gift.
  5. Initiate Awards for excellence: You can create award for all your staff. You can have a staff of the month award to promote certain qualities in your staff. You will set the criteria, if possible with input from your staff, and give this reward every month. You can even host an annual award ceremony. These awards will help boost the morale of your staff and increase productivity.
  6. Remember to lead by example: One way to develop a culture among your staff is to spearhead the movement yourself. Your employees need to see a happy and productive management team in order to be happy themselves. Show forth the kind of characters and attributes your desire to see in your business.

A happy worker is a productive worker; follow these pieces of advice to promote happiness within your business for greater productivity.

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