Over the course of your pharmacy business you will develop many repeat customers. These customers may be loyal to your business for different reasons. It is important that you know what the reasons for their loyalty are. When you know these reasons you will be better able to create a winning strategy for your business.

There two categories of customers and all your customers will fall into one of these categories.

  1. Price-sensitive customers: This kind of customers is only concerned about your prices. They are not loyal to your business or does that bother much with the value-added services you offer. Their loyal is connected to the prices of your products and services. The implication of this is that you have to keep your prices consistently low otherwise when they see any of your competitors with lower prices they will immediately switch. If your business model is to offer the lowest price to your customers, then you must consistently maintain lowest price to keep this customer in your business.
  2. Value- or relationship-driven customers: These customers are loyal to the company and will stay with you irrespective of your prices. They are more concerned about the value they get from your business rather than the prices of your products and services. To keep these customers you will have to up the value your business offers such as customer service, friendly environment, quality of your products/services, cordial staff, product range and any other extra services you offer. What is core to these customers is your relationship with them- how must important you make them feel. Keep building that relationship and offering value and the customer is more likely to stay with you.

Having known the two different driving forces for customer loyalty, you should devise a means of discovering what make your customers tickle and provide more of that to your customers. If you have this information about your customers then you can easily develop a working strategy to keep your customers coming over and over again.


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