I have been in some pharmacies and I began to wonder if what kinds of business run in those places. Many of them are so shabby and so disorganized that it will be difficult to take the business seriously. And to think that they are pharmacies, you will want to ask if they are competent enough to be called professionals.

The truth is that if your pharmacy does not portray you as a healthcare professional then you are putting yourself up for failure. People will hardly take you seriously and as a consequence you cannot get their business. If you want to succeed in pharmacy business you must appear and practice professionally. You already have the knowledge you need to up your professionalism.

Here are 5 simple ways to make your business look professional:

  1. Have a clean premise: Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. When your premise looks clean and sparkling it becomes a place that customers will enjoy doing business in. They will rate your business high and see you are very professional. They will trust you to serve them well. Your pharmacy should have clean floors, uncluttered counter, well arranged stock and well lit. Make that cobwebs are removed regularly and the shelves are dusted.
  2. Well Dressed Team: The way you dressed is the way you will be addressed. Shabbily dressed staff sends a negative message to your customers whereas well-dressed staff indicates serious business. To show professionalism in your business you must ensure that your staff dressed well.  If they can be in uniform the better. You can get them to wear white lab coat. You can embroider your logo on the uniform and use with name tags.
  3. Well-groomed Staff: Apart dressing well, your staff should be well groomed. Well-made hair, short-cut nails, moderate make up and so on. You must be strict in ensuring that your staff appears neat every time.
  4. Well Arranged Stock: The way you arrange your stock on the shelves and counter in an orderly manner. When you arrange your stock in such a haphazard way, you appear to your customers as unorganized and it is a negative point to your business. Ensure that the shelves are properly labeled. Avoid clutter as much as you can otherwise you will be sending a wrong message to your customers.
  5. Organized Pharmacist’s Office: Some of your customers may want to see your pharmacist, it is important that the pharmacist’s office well organized. It must also be neat and have some privacy. Your pharmacist should be properly dressed and well groomed as an example to the other staff members.

Make it a mission in your pharmacy to be very professional in the way you appear to your customers as well as your service to them. Being professional differentiates you from other pharmacy businesses and makes you outstanding.

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  1. I ve found this tips of differentiating ones Rx very useful. Some things that one has been taken for granted will be worked upon. This is a nice piece. Keep it up

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