What Keeps Your Customers Loyal To Your Pharmacy: Your Price Or Your Value-Added Services?

Over the course of your pharmacy business you will develop many repeat customers. These customers may be loyal to your business for different reasons. It is important that you know what the reasons for their loyalty are. When you know these reasons you will be better able to create a winning strategy for your business. […]

10 Marketing Strategies To Differentiate Your Pharmacy Business For Increasing Patronage And Profit

Marketing is the key to the success of any business. It is the heart of every business and what can make the difference between success and failure. It is a known fact that good marketing can make a bad product succeed while a good product will never succeed if the marketing is bad. In your […]

Dealing With Troublesome Customers: 5 Ways To Resolve Issues With Your Difficult Customers Without Hurting Your Business

If you followed the advice on how to give superlative treatment to your customers, you must have done a lot to make your customers happy and you have many more satisfied customers. However, sometimes you are faced with some difficult and troublesome customers. When you encounter these kinds of customers you need to be careful […]

10 Things Every Customer Wants: Do Them And Build An Army Of Satisfied And Loyal Customers

‘Customer is king’ is a popular saying and I think it is true. If you agree then you must treat your customers as kings. Your customers are your best assets and if your customers are satisfied then you are guaranteed of success in your business. Satisfied customer will spread words about your business freely and […]