7 Tips To Help You Get Smarter

It is everybody’s desire to be smarter and more intelligent. While a lot of people think that intelligence is fixed in every human being but this is not true. Research had shown that our mental capability can be greatly improved by what we do and things we feed our brains with. So the power to become more intelligent is in our hands. The tips discussed in this post are ideas you can employ on a daily basis to get smarter.

  1. Read a lot: one easy way to get smarter is by reading. This is a no brainer and it is easy to understand. When you read you get to learn new information and become better informed. As a result you can act smarter. The materials to read include books, magazines, newspapers, journal publications and so on. But ensure that the materials you read are enlightening and positive. They should have the potential for self-improvement.
  2. Write down notes of your new learning: It is important to write down what you have learned from reading or any other sources. It is difficult for our brains to retain 100% of all we have learned but writing them down will help us recall when the need arises. Writing them down also helps to make what you have learned sink in and boosts your brainpower.
  3. Share knowledge with other: It is a proven fact that you get to improve your understanding of any subject when you teach it to others. One way therefore you can get smarter is to teach what you know to others that way you build up your brainpower. When you teach it to others you will realize how much you have really learnt. Being able to retain that information and teach others is far more valuable.
  4. Surround yourself with smarter people: If you are the only smart person in a group, although it may seem good for your self-esteem, it will drain your IQ. To improve your intelligence and get smarter, you must surround yourself with smarter people. That way you can learn from them and share of their intelligence. It is one of the fastest ways to learn more and build yourself up.
  5. Learn new skills: your ability to learn new things will help you a lot in becoming smarter. You don’t have to only learn in your field only you should read materials in other fields too. You should expand you horizon and get broad knowledge. You can apply this knowledge you learned from other fields in your own profession.
  6. Play challenging games: There are some games that put your intelligence to test. These include board games (such as scrabble and chess) and puzzles. These games will help you exercise your brain and get you to use your memory. They get you thinking which is very good for getting smarter.
  7. Relax and sleep well: When you relax you put your brain to some rest and get it refreshed. When you relax and sleep your brain processes what you have learned. During relaxation and sleep, your body also rests and that reduces the stress on your brain too. Relaxation and sleep has been found to rejuvenate our body and brain too.

These are just a few ideas that could help you get smarter. What other ideas do you know that can make one gets smarter? Please, share with it in the comment below


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