Money management skill is a necessity for running your business whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran. It is one of the keys to business success. You need to acquire this knowledge and use it in your business every day.

Below are some essential money management tips you can use in your pharmacy business.

1. Use the services of a professional: Money management is a skill that you can learn as a business owner, it is better done by the professionals. Your business many not be buoyant enough to employ an accountant but you will need to contract one to help your design a good money management strategy for your business. When you do this it becomes easier to manage your finances in your business. Periodically, you can get this professional to look into your books and give you necessary advice. I f you cannot employ an accountant; you can at least employ a bookkeeper.

2. Save Money:  In all your transactions you should devise a way of making savings. When you negotiate in any transaction, look for a way of getting discount. In some instances you can buy an alternative product if it will do the same job but at a lower cost. By negotiating well you can lower your operational cost and in the end your overhead.

3. Keep Proper Record of Petty Cash: You should keep proper record of your petty cash and track the petty cash register regularly. You should also control who has access to the petty cash, only authorized staff should touch it. Create clear guidelines regarding what the petty cash may be used for and eliminate any unnecessary spending.

4. Create and Maintain a Budget: Without a budget it can be difficult to manage your money. You need a budget to manage both your personal and business money. As a business owner, you need to sit down and write down your monthly expenses and balance it with your revenue. Ensure that the different departments in your business get proper allocation of funds. You should also set aside money for emergency in the event that the unexpected happens.

5. Monitor and Improve Cash Flow: You need to monitor your cash flow for understand the health of your business. By monitoring your cash flow you will be able to know what is happening in your business and therefore be able to see if there is anything that needed to be fixed. If you notice any problems you can quickly take a short-term decision to correct it while also looking for ways to solve the problem in the long term. You should also devise ways to improve your cash flow. Some of the ways is to get your debtors to pay up early, create new ways of making more sales and ways of getting your customers to spend more in your business.

6. Expand Your Business With Caution: Once you start experiencing success, it’s easy to assume the next logical step is aggressive expansion. You cannot afford to expand to quickly because your business can suffer as a result. Expansion costs money and requires time and effort. So when your business becomes successful and you want to expand, you must be strategic about it. You should engage in proper planning and take it one step at a time so the expansion does not affect your business.

You should be strategic in all your money management processes because this skill forms a key part of your business success.

What additional money management tips do you have for pharmacy business owners?


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