A happy employee is an asset to your pharmacy business. When your staff is happy he will give you his best and this will reflect on his productivity and your revenue. A happy employee will go the extra mile to serve you. When employees are not happy it will show in how they treat your customer and when your customers are poorly treated they are likely to take their business elsewhere. Ensuring that your best employees are happy and productive is important to the success of your business

Your role as a good manager is to keep your employees happy. In order to attract and keep the best workers in your business, employee satisfaction should be a priority. Keep employees happy by finding out what will help them feel like they are part of a team and contributing to the success of the company.

People management is a skill that every business owner must learn. It does not come naturally to many people but you can develop the skill if you lack it. You must acknowledge that your employee morale is an important that you cannot afford to neglect. You must ensure that your staff morale is high most of the time.

Here are some Tips for keeping employees happy and more productive:

  1. Let your employees imbibe your mission: One of the very first things your employee should know about your business is your mission. What you plan to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. As an employer, you must ensure that your staff imbibe your mission and run with it. Let the altruistic part of your mission resonates with all your staff. They will see their job as a contribution to achieving that part of your mission. Every person feels happy when they realize they are helping the community. Your employees need to be passionate about the brand and your mission. This creates twofold results: It reminds them why they work for your company, and it ignites passions that can be shared with your customers.
  2. Give Your Employees Ownership: When I said ownership I do not mean that you should give your employees a part of your business. What I mean is to allow them to own the process or the job you gave them to do and trust that they will do a good job. Give your staff the opportunity to be creative and innovative. This way you can get your staff to give your business his best. You do not need to micromanage them or keep guiding them at every step. Give them the instructions and allow them to use their initiatives to complete the job. People work best — and are happiest — when they have ownership, when they can solve problems their way and express their individuality. If they make any mistake correct them and you can get the best out of them and keep them happy.
  3. Encourage teamwork: When your staff work as a team their output will be greater because of the synergy of teamwork. Encourage teamwork and friendliness among your staff. Each staff may have his duties and responsibilities but encourage them to help each other out. If your employees work as a team the tendency for bitterness will be low. Teamwork encourages cordiality which in turn promotes happiness at workplace. Do not show favouritisms or discrimination.
  4. Practice Two-Way Communication: In many workplace communication is almost always one way- from top down. The employers are usually giving instructions, order or queries. This practice creates an environment of timidity and prevents the business owner from getting all information about his business that he can get.  In order to create an environment where your employees are happy you should provide and ask for feedback.
  5. Listen to your employees:  Your employees are a big part of your business success; you will need to listen to them because they are at the front of your business. They are engaged in the day to day activities of your business. In order to make them happy you need to get a form of feedback from them. You can take an employee satisfaction survey. This can be done anonymously and voluntarily. You can also invite your employees to share what they like and dislike about their jobs and their work environment. You can invite suggestions from them too using a suggestion box. By employing these strategies, you make your employees feel like they can provide ideas for a more positive working environment. Staff will be happier if they feel like they have input when it comes to making changes or improvements in the way the business is run.

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