‘Customer is king’ is a popular saying and I think it is true. If you agree then you must treat your customers as kings. Your customers are your best assets and if your customers are satisfied then you are guaranteed of success in your business. Satisfied customer will spread words about your business freely and willingly. If you want to have satisfied customers; you must listen to them or even ask them what they want and how they want to be served.

However, researches have shown that customers want to patronize businesses with the following characteristics. You will do well to replicate these in your business.

1. Customers want businesses that listen: Customer is king and they behave like one. They want you to listen when they speak and customers speak all the time. When your customers come to your pharmacy, you must listen to them however silly what they have go to say. When you listen to them they feel important to you and you earn their respect and loyalty. You need to be a good listener by suppressing what you have to say until they finish speaking. If you have to interrupt them, you should be polite about it and you will get them to your side.

2. They want you to Understand ALL their Needs: Treat each customer as an individual. You must show understanding and empathy when you attend to them. Get to understand their needs and you can serve them better and to their satisfaction. A satisfied customer is an asset to your business because you will get repeat business as well as referrers from them.

3. Customers want you to help them: Your customers see you as the professional. When they come to you they expect to be guide not to make mistakes. They want you to help them with taking the right decision with your professional advice. It is your duty to do this very professionally and passionately. When your customers encounter any issues in your business, they expect you to come to their aid and make necessary corrections.

4. They want you to provide solutions every time: When a customer comes to your business he expects you to solve all the problems they have. Customers see you as the all-knowing. When a customer is before, be sure to meet this expectation. Go the extra mile to solve your customer’s problem. If it is something beyond you, you should help them by referring them to the appropriate person.

5. They want you to allow them be a part of the solution: When some of your customers come to you, they have some suggestions as to how to solve their problems. Listening to their opinion and making them a part of the final decision will help you satisfy them. Even if they do not bring up a suggestion asking them to make an opinion on the case at hand will give them the feeling of being respected and that could increase their loyalty to you. Ideally, customers want you to become integral to their success so be willing to collaborate.

6. Customers want you to show your ability to achieve results: Customers want to be sure that you have the ability to solve their problems. Customers will find it difficult to buy from your business if you fail to persuade them that you can truly give them the desired results. It is nearly impossible to persuade a customer to believe in these things unless you yourself believe in them. You must make your confidence contagious.

7. Customers want clear and transparent purchasing process: Customers hate it when sellers dance around issues like price, discounts, availability, total cost, add-on options, and so forth. They want you to be able to tell them, in plain and simple language, what’s involved in a purchase and how that purchase will take place. No surprises. No last minute upsells.

8. They want you to connect with them personally: Everybody loves to be recognized and be treated specially. You should do that with your customers. Treat each one well and personally. When you give that personal touch to your customers they will come to like and trust you. Connect personally with your customer and you can get them to be loyal to your business.

9. Customers want organized businesses: When you organize your pharmacy business and it looks neat and well kept, your customers will enjoy coming to your business. Customers don’t want to go to a business and see it like a junk yard. Set up your pharmacy in such a way that everything is well arranged and labeled. Set up a system that makes your pharmacy very organized from reception to cashier.

10. Customers want your business to be unique: Your customers expect to get unique treatment from your pharmacy. They have been to other pharmacies but they can get enticed by yours if you make yours very unique and different. Make superlative customers service a watchword in your business and you will build an army of satisfied and loyal customers.

The points shared in this article do not seem to be overwhelming. They are things you can and should do in your business in order to give your customers what they want and make your business the number one in their hearts and on their lips.

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